Casual Friday... Err, Monday

As previously noted, I am fortunate enough to work in a 24/7 business casual environment. This means on Fridays just about anything goes, and this summer I've been able to enjoy that same casual feel on Mondays as well. However, sometimes I feel like our version of business casual is a tad more casual than business. So, today I changed that up a bit. While I would never trade our laid back dress policy for daily suits and pumps, sometimes I do enjoy a little hint of corporate attire. It's amazing how much a blazer can change an outfit. This $5 thrift store find has gone a long way. A you can see, I was having a hard time deciding between the traditional blue or spunky plaid shirt beneath my blue blazer. We'll see... it's nice to have options.


Lady Peach said...

Super cute outfits,I think I prefer the first one though! I included you in my weekend reads :)
Lady Peach

Gracie said...

Thanks for the shout out, ma'am! It is much appreciated. I agree with you, and ended up going with the first outfit. Sometimes you just can't mess up a classic :)


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