forget the rules

Last week I found myself in an interesting conversation with several co-workers regarding the "rules" of fashion. You know the ones I'm talking about - i.e. never wear black and brown together or no white allowed after Labor Day. My personal favorite states that a woman should always match her handbag to her shoes. {insert eye roll and gagging cough here} I think sometimes we make getting dressed harder than it actually is because we overthink it! This morning I tried to avoid playing by the "rules" and instead looked through my closet for options that just seemed to pair well together. The end result: a knee length Breton striped bathing suit cover-up tucked into $10 coral skirt I found on clearance at Target. Sometimes I think we could all be surprised by how many options are already hanging in our closet if we'd just forget the rules.

So, what are some of your favorite fashion "rules"? 


Miss Simplicity said...

Here Here!! I agree wholeheartedly.. and I LOOOVE brown shoes wit black pants ;)

Melrose said...

I always wonder about that black with brown rule... I mean, how fabulous is leopard print?

Anyhoo, I love that skirt! Great find! And I never would have guessed that your top was a beach cover up!

Maria at Bachman's Sparrow said...

I absolutely love this outfit! I'm not a fan of rules...I do however like suggestions when it comes to finding the best fits for your body!

xoxo Maria

Ashley J said...

I think you look great!


Grace, Money Smart Fashion said...

i love that coral skirt! adorable!

Gracie said...

Thanks so much for the comments, ladies!

Melrose and Miss Simplicity, I'm with you - brown and black belong together.

Maria, I agree wholeheartedly, rules stink but finding what fits is worth a million bucks! :)

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