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I guess what they say about the grass always being greener on the other side is true.  Despite the fact that our summer weather is nowhere near over, something about it being August and the school buses reappearing around our neighborhood makes me dream of wearing fall clothing again. I wake up thinking of cargo leggings, layers of capes and sweaters, paired with over-the-knee boots.  So this morning, I thought I'd share a few of my dreams with you! 

Happy Monday!  

  1. Hooded Cotton Poncho, Alice + Olivia, $240 - a little bit more to spend but if you've got it, it will be way versatile and way worth it!
  2. Fluttering Lashes Poncho, Anthropologie, $58 - I might be buying this online later today!
  3. Levi's 535 Faded Skinny Denim Leggings, Kohl's, $40 - I live in my pair all winter :)
  4. Urban Behavior Stretch Cargo Skinny, Metropark, $69
  5. The Skinny Low Rise Studded Jeans, Current Elliot via Net-a-porter, $93 - this particular style is currently out of stock, but there are other wonderful options
  6. Enzo Angiolini 'Zakari' Over the Knee Boot, Nordstroms, $119.90
  7. Dalley, Aldo, $80
  8. Chinese Laundry 'Trust Me' Over the Knee Boot, Nordstroms, $99.95 - another possible online purchase this afternoon!


MissyD said...

So true, I love the warm weather, but the fall clothing is really my favorite! One can only wear so many skirts/shorts before they start longing for boots :) I'm glad you posted those links that poncho is tempting me!

Ripped Nylon

Gracie said...

I know! For me, its something about layering and wearing knee high boots! It never gets old! And, I still have my sights set on that Anthropologie poncho - so cute!


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