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Right now, I am particularly enamored with long, flowing maxi dresses... however, not like this one (which I do still love). Instead, I find myself dreaming of a more voluminous maxi dress. While one of these dresses is atop my shopping radar, (I'm taking a long over due vintaging field trip this weekend) Wednesday morning I did not have said dress in my closet so I had to make do. The "dress" I am wearing is actually this skirt! I used a piece of black ribbon to cinch the waist and layered my cropped Alexander McQueen blazer on top for work. While this make shift dress may not be exactly like the floor gazing style I currently pine for, it did allow me to show off my Christian Siriano caged sandals. Not too shabby :)


Grace, Money Smart Fashion said...

umm, brilliant! i love it. I hope you are doing well!

Nikki said...

LOVE love love those shoes!! i love reading your blog in case maybe one day i have a job that actually lets me dress fashionably. (:
have you done any posts on leggings?? i'm seeing them everywhere but not really sure how to wear them...now that i'm pregnant i think they would look super-cute, but to wear them with?

Ashley J said...

Cool shoes! Happy Friday!


Gracie said...

Thanks ladies, for stopping by! Grace and Ashley, thanks for your comments - my apologies for not stopping by your blogs as much lately, I will do better :) It's been a crazy summer!

Nikki, yes I love leggings! It's one of my older posts, but take a look at "stuck in the middle with you" back in March. Also, check back on Monday for another post on leggings! ;)

Maria at Bachman's Sparrow said...

Those shoes are fantastic!

xoxo Maria

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