trend alert: new vintage

This season a lot of love has been given to vintage inspired outfits. But, I'm not talking about smelly, old shirts and dresses found at yard sales and in attics (not that I think there is anything wrong with either of those places!). The pieces I'm talking about are new, but with retro details. This $15 Target dress (seen already here and here) worn with a pair of t-strap sandals, a woven handbag, and flower necklace screamed retro to me. In the morning I also donned a heather gray cardigan to work. However, by the afternoon the heat forced me to shed the extra layers. Just as well... because I'm in love with this necklace!

1 comment:

Andie said...

Love this dress- but I've never seen it at my target! :(

you are adorable.

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