Putting Shorts to Work

I've received a lot of questions recently regarding office appropriate attire.  It's been my experience that sometimes even the savviest of dressers can become stumped when getting dressed Monday - Friday.  Throw in 90 degrees with 70% humidity and a 65 degree office, and suddenly solving world peace seems more easily answered.  However, a recurring question as of late centers around how (if ever) is it appropriate to wear shorts to work.  Now, I love shorts and I believe wearing them to the office can be a viable outfit option... if done appropriately.  Let's dissect the above outfit for example.  

1. Shorts length: Office shorts and weekend shorts are two different lengths.  If your shorts are not at least as long as the shortest skirt you would wear (or think about wearing)to the office, then your shorts are too short.  Regardless of skirt or short, you're still showing leg and you want to be taken seriously around the office.

2. Add some height: In my opinion, shorts at the office should be paired with shoes that have some height to them, like pumps or wedges.  Wearing flats (even dressy ones) venture too close to the weekend side of shorts.

3. Dress it up: I prefer to wear dressier tops, like a button up shirt or floral blouse, when wearing shorts to the office.  This also distances the office shorts a little bit more from their weekend counterparts.

Now, go grab a pair of shorts and strut them to the office!


Guest Blogging!

The last week has been so crazy between work and my parents being here (yay!) that I have not been writing as much at nite.  Let me assure you though, that I will resume regular posting soon.  However, amidst all the recent craziness in my life, I did find time to write a guest post for Shop It To Me's blog, Blog It To Me.  I want to thank the wonderful ladies at Shop It To Me for inviting me to post for them - I had a wonderful time!  Please go over and check out my rundown on the hottest indie fashion magazines.  These glossies will not disappoint!


Going to a Summer Party?

Summer PartyFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Wear this outfit! The summer is all about grilling out and sipping margaritas with friends (so far this summer I've done both so many times I've lost count!).  I would really love to wear this outfit to a summer party. The flat sandals make it casual and the skirt is both cute and festive (4th of July, anyone?)!  The small clutch means you can still carry your phone, while also holding onto your drink. 

Speaking of drinks and grilling out, we did a little of both on Sunday in honor of Father's day.  Pictures and menu to post later in the week! 

PS - Belated Happy Father's Day to my Dad, the best Dad I could ever want!


Working Girl

My apologies for the unexpected lack of posts during the past week and a half.  You see, about 3 weeks ago I received a promotion at work (yay!).  But, let me assure you that climbing the corporate ladder does not come without it's fair share of hard work.  Instead of coming home to blog, I've been spending my evenings getting acquainted with my new role.  So, in honor of my promotion I'm happy to share with you a list of items that are both corporate office appropriate and stylish for any working girl.

1. Stella McCartney Guipure-lace pencil skirt
& Jersey peplum top
2. Karen Millen Colourblock shirt dress
3. Valentino Sheer silk-chiffon shirt
4. Nine West Bowtie
5. Louis Vuitton Brea GM
6. Christian Louboutin Lace-up Oxford Bootie
7. Michael Kors Goldtone Watch MK5174
8. Traidremade Wool peplum pencil skirt
9. Hussein Chalayan Blazer
10. Givenchy Nude Leather Flats



jacket, Gap; dress, Brooks Brothers; clogs, Alicia + Olivia for Payless; watch, Fossil

I am still terribly in love with my Alicia + Olivia for Payless clogs that I picked up last weekend.  I know I wore them in the last outfit post, but I just can't get enough!  I like the distressed look of this jacket paired with the edginess of the clogs.  Plus, did I mention they make my legs look a million miles long? Just in case you missed it ;)  As you know, I don't normally take pictures in the kitchen, but I was trying to multi-task blogging and making dinner. The menu: fresh guacamole and Tostitos. The hubbs can't get enough and I've had received a lot of compliments. Look for the recipe in an upcoming post. It's the perfect summer meal?  Nothing beats guac and margaritas on the patio. 


'tis the season (part II)!

As I was searching for a wedding shower gift over the weekend, I started thinking about another prevalent season that goes hand in hand with summer: wedding season.  Wouldn't the above pillows be an adorable wedding present?  However, for your completely original and quirky friends opt instead for the ones below!  How great are the Senor Y Senora pillows?! Fantastic! This Etsy shop is a perfect stop for all things wedding related.


'tis the season!

On The SeaFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Around our house, we live for this time of year: boating season.  Yesterday we went for an early evening ride around the lake with my in-laws.  Well, really the fellas were just going out to do a little fishing.  But, my mother-in-law and I slipped in at the last minute to enjoy sipping a few drinks and gabbing for a couple of hours.  Being on a boat opens up a whole new wardrobe alternative for me.  For times like last night when I don't want to be in a bathing suit, the above is a classic option.

'tis the season!


Gaga Concert Outfit Choice #2

Gaga Concert OutfitFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Happy Friday, dear readers!  As promised, I am happy to present you with the second of my Gaga concert wardrobe inspirations.  You'll see that the same shoe choice remains because, let's face it, those scream Gaga!  This is going to be a tough decision, but I have yet to meet a fashion conundrum that I couldn't handle.  Besides, this gives me the perfect excuse to do a little shopping this weekend :)

Whatever and wherever your plans take you this weekend, make it a great one!  I'll see you on The Flip Side!


Gaga Concert Outfit Choice #1

Gaga InspiredFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Gaga Inspired by gleighb featuring Wolford tights

Since I had an extra day this weekend, I started putting together some thoughts for my Lady Gaga concert ensemble.  As with most things in life, not much about this outfit is certain; however, the one thing that is certain is that I will be wearing these Christian Siriano shoes.  Above is the first of two outfit inspirations.  While I started out with visions of the Bad Romance video, my BFF and I agreed that the above spoke more to Paparrazi or possibly Love Game.  Oh well, regardless, this is option #1.  Stay tuned... tomorrow I'll unveil option #2.


I'm with the band...

shades, Jessica Simpson; tee, c/o my BFF; shorts, Gap; bag, Payless sample; shoes, Payless
I totally felt like a groupie on Monday.  My BFF made these shirts for us last year (to play off of the Will & Grace theme... get it?!) and it was such a beautiful day that I decided to break out the new pair of shorts I bought on Saturday as well as my super, fabulous clog inspired Alicia + Olivia for Payless heels.  I don't normally wear shorts, but I fell in love with the little bow on the front.  In addition to being a fun outfit, it made my legs look a gazillion miles long (that's a technical term, of course).  So, after the BFF and I had lunch, we hung out at my house, listened to music and were completely fabulous.  I love three day weekends :)


Cruisin' Together

shades, Payless sample; scarf, New York & Co; dress, Gap; shoes, Payless sample

Welcome back!  I hope you were able to enjoy a relaxing long weekend, dear readers!  I must admit that mine did not dissapoint.  You see, for the better part of the last 4 years I have worked a string of schedules that involved working most holidays (ah, the joy of retail!).  So, the concept of having days like Memorial Day or Labor Day or sometimes even Thanksgiving Day off, still seems a bit foreign.  But, I loved every minute of this weekend.  Saturday, especially, was fantastic! My BFF and I decided to celebrate the start of the holiday weekend by doing a little cruisin' in the convertible followed by margaritas on the patio.  The warmth of the sun, a gentle breeze through my hair and laughs with a great friend equals a pretty amazing day :)

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