Are you there blog? It's me, Gracie

Dearest blog readers (if anyone is still out there!), I apologize for the abrupt hiatus last January that has left my beloved blog desolate for a little over a year now. I'll admit, it was a selfish move and I do greatly apologize for the lack of warning. Do you forgive me?

{insert puppy dog-like eyes here}

Never fear, however, as I am alive and well. Just exceptionally busy! You see last year I embarked on the final year of my MBA (sweet Jesus, I thought the day would never come!), and much to my surprise I did survive to see the Sunday morning that does not involve Managerial Economics with classmates at the local Starbucks. But, instead of taking a break after graduation, I decided to jump straight into my next big adventure.  So, in July of last year I fulfilled a lifelong goal... I opened my own boutique!
While my goal is to not let another year go by without a post on The Flip Side, shopgracieb.com (my site) is keeping me extremely busy these days. I would love to keep in contact with you dear readers, so please come join me at the shop and the shop's blog. I would love to have you!

PS - a discount to the first person who gets the reference from the title and leaves a comment :)

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