My Polo Dog

cardigan, shirt and pants, Old Navy; belt, Gianni Bini; watch, Fossil; wedges, Nine West

I've enjoyed taking my photos in the backyard lately.  The weather has been gorgeous and being in the backyard means that I get to spend time with my little guy, Selwyn.  I have been fortunate enough to have him in my life for over 3 years now.  I was looking through these photos during my break from class last night when a friend commented that he looks like a Polo dog.  Hmmm... yes, I think I agree and I also think we'd make a lovely couple in an advertisement, don't you?

Happy weekend, dear readers! With the onset of finals I will spend the weekend in front of a computer.  But, I hope that you will get to spend it in the great outdoors enjoying the beautiful weather!



Inspired by: Oklahoma! Part II

my race track ensemble

Prior to the Rodeo in the Club adventure, we did something else in Oklahoma that was a first for me - attended horse races. If you know me even slightly well, you know that I love an equestrian look. So, everything about being at Remington Park was inspiring for me.  From the boots, to the bold colors, to the saddle bags and leather.  I hope one day to make it to the Kentucky Derby, if for no other reason than to take in the sartorial views... and of course to wear a big hat. 



Inspired by: Oklahoma!

the chic cowgirl

You might have caught in my Monday post that I saw something very interesting while I was in Oklahoma City. Saturday night we visited a dance club called Club Rodeo, and let me assure you that the name does not come without reason - both the Club part and the Rodeo part. You see, half of the building is a dance club and the other half is a rodeo.  A Real. Live. Rodeo. Complete with cowboy boots, cowboy hats, red dirt, and bulls - big, angry bulls.  While it may not be my style, I subscribe to the philosophy that "when in Rome, do as the Romans do."  So, I yelled, hoot and hollered, and took the below video.  I also brought home some great ideas for cowgirl inspired looks.


in love.

shades, Payless sample; tunic, TJ Maxx; leggins, Target; sandals, Dolce Vita; bag, Christian Siriano for Payless

I bought these Dolce Vita sandals last spring while on my spring break.  I was visiting one of my best friends in Indianapolis for the week.  She and her boyfriend were, of course, working during the day so that left me with plenty of time... to shop.  These were one of my shoe purchases.  Yes, one.  I came home with three pairs of shoes and I thought I may not live to see my wedding day.  My husband is a good man.  Fortunately it's a year later and I'm still in love with the sandals, and my husband and are still in love with each other. 


My Monday Daydreams...

Molly's Update

Definitely involve these Jeffrey Campbell clogs.  Although, I will admit that it took me a while to buy into the clog trend this season.  I had a hard time shaking visions of the ghosts of clogs past (hello? circa 1993), or the most recent train wreck: Crocks.  However, the Charlie clogs from Jeffrey Campbell are divine.  The platform wooden heel and stud detailing is magnificent and Charlie can be found in multiple colors including natural (shown above), black and tan.  I've been doing a good job of curtailing my shopping obsession lately, but for this pair of shoes I think I might have to make an exception...

PS - I have pics from the trip but they will have to wait until later in the week.  Until then, I'll leave you with this: I saw live bull-riding in a dance club. Only in Oklahoma and Texas.

Happy Monday, dear readers!  What are your Monday daydreams about?


on the road again

image via Flickr

I am happy to report, dear readers, that we're hitting the open road again this weekend! The hubbie and I are going to Oklahoma City with some friends to spend Friday and Saturday night.  Our itinerary has not yet been planned, and as of right now I don't think any reservations have been made.  But, sometimes unplanned trips end up being the most fun.  I'll let you know all about our great escape next week.  

However you spend your time this weekend, enjoy every minute of it!


sugar & spice

jacket, Kohls; dress, Target; tights, Payless sample; flats, Christian Siriano for Payless

Okay, so maybe my outfit isn't 100% sugar and spice.  But, that's what I love about it!  The contrast between the floral dress, the leather jacket and chain detailing on the flats makes it more like 75% sugar & spice with a quarter tough as nails. You see, this morning I woke up and felt like wearing a dress, but with 40 degree weather in the morning and 70 degree weather in the afternoon, it can be slightly difficult to pull off.  Fortunately I've been waiting for the perfect moment to wear this jacket and today happened to be that moment.  It's heavy enough to keep me warm in the morning (and in the office with the AC cranked up!), yet light enough that I don't feel crazy for wearing it in April. 


good intentions

cardigan, Kohl's; tee, Old Navy; belt & necklace, Payless samples;
pants, Old Navy; flats, Fergie via Nordstroms; watch, Fossil; bag

Most days when I'm getting dressed, I tend to pick out one article of clothing and then plan my entire outfit around it.  Monday morning that technique did not work out so well.  Originally I wrapped a blue rouched scarf around my neck.  After 15 minutes of trying to make it work with my oufit, I take it off at which moment my husband turns around and says, "what's the matter? You look beautiful."

Awww.. thanks honey!

The scarf may not have worked with this outfit, but I would be lying if I said I didn't look for any excuse to wear these flats!


six months later

I spent some time this weekend organizing the photos on my computer and came across some great shots from our wedding.  6 months later and I still love to look at these...

{insert sigh}

Just thought I'd share!  Hope you are having a fan-tab-u-lo-so week, dear readers!

the note my husband sent via his brother as I was getting ready

champagne in champagne flutes

my husband lighting a birthday candle for his grandfather - we got married on his birthday

self-explanatory.  I'm obsessed with shoes... would you expect anything less?


How-To: Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookies

Here's a little something about me: I am a baked goods fanatic.  Seriously, I could scarf down one of everything behind the Panera counter any day of the week.  So, since my obsession du jour this week has been homemade chocolate chip cookies, I finally caved and satisfied my craving this weekend.  The only thing is that our fridge is pretty bare right now and I realized after pulling all of my ingredients out that I did not have any eggs.  Not to worry! A quick Google search and a few recipe modifications later and I had the perfect recipe for eggless chocolate chip cookies. The substitute: yogurt! The best part is that without even trying, I think I managed to bake the best tasting, healthiest, chocolate chip cookies I've ever had.  Starchy, chocolatey, and healthy? I think I'm in love.


Need to Know: Coach Sale!

Angelina Sunglasses, Coach $95 - Orginally $375

Happy Saturday, my lovelies! I hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful weather! I don't normally post on the weekends, but when I find something that you just have to know about it would be rude to keep it to myself! I came across this wonderful Coach sunglasses sale on Editor's Closet and when I say sale, I mean Coach sunglasses at 1/4 of the regular price.  That's worth posting about!

Side note: If you're not already a member of Editor's Closet, but would like to be simply email me - gleighb (at) gmail (dot) com - and I'll send you the link to join.  You won't be disappointed, even if you decide not to purchase any shades today.  Editor's Closet is an exclusive member's only site that offers tons of designer clothes at a fraction of the price each week. 

Now you know, so go enjoy the rest of your weekend in style!


secret garden

tee, Old Navy; skirt, Talbots; sandals, Dolce Vita;
red necklace, my grandmother's; bracelet & earrings, Payless samples

I took these photos yesterday afternoon in our backyard.  I love these photos, because in them our yard resembles some sort of secret garden.  Now don't let me mislead you, there is really nothing garden-like about our yard.  With two very rambunctious dogs running around, getting anything to grow is no easy task.  But between the gate to the fence, the beautiful angle of the sun, and the stepping stones (I do love those) I suddenly see our backyard in a very charming light.  Have a great weekend, dear readers!

trees in the breeze


a sign of the times

shirt, Brooks Brothers; belt, Gianni Bini; shorts, Old Navy; shoes, Nine West

Every year about this time, I become a huge skeptic.  I somehow convince myself that regardless of what the weatherman says, it will turn cold again (we got snow last April, for goodness sake!).  I talk myself out of wearing clothes that are too "summery", and instead end up in outfits that are drab and not at all in tune with the new season.  But, not this year.  Yes, in fact, mother nature is telling me everything I need to know about how I should dress if I would just listen. So, yesterday I did just that.



"Walk, Walk Fashion Baby"

The past couple of weeks have been so busy that I have not even had a chance to tell you my exciting news...

My BFF and I have tickets to see Lady Gaga in St. Louis in July! 

It should come as no surprise that I am already thinking about my wardrobe for such a special occassion - especially the shoes.  The above three pair are from Christian Siriano's spring runway show that I was lucky enough to snag from work a couple of weeks back.  The curved 6 inch heels on these are so outrageously awesome, I can't think of a more perfect selection from which to choose.  Can you pick out which pair I'll be sporting to the show?  In honor of the Lady herself, the snakeskin and sequined pair front and center will be my footwear of choice.  Now I just need to find the rest of my costume...


Nautically Inspired

shades, Payless sample; jacket, Old Navy; tee, TJ Maxx; jeans, Levis;
shoes, Gianni Bini; bag, Banana Republic; watch, Fossil; bacelets, Me

Between the blue and white stripes and the red shoes, this outfit was filled with nautical influences. This outfit was actually from Sunday, which was a beautiful day. It seems like everyday lately our weather gets warmer and brighter. In fact, the jacket was a little too much by middle of the afternoon.  But, that's just fine with me! The only thing that could have made the day better was if I had actually been near the water.


Hermann & The Iron Horse Inn

I teased you with a few outfit photos last Monday; however, as promised I have compiled the highlights from our trip to Hermann.  An overnight stay in the beautiful Iron Horse Inn bed and breakfast, along with sampling (and buying) so many amazing wines, we came back fulling rejuvinated and ready to begin another week.  Everyone we met was incredibly nice and Rhiannon at the Iron Horse Inn was everything you could want in a hostess.  Go see her, and stay in the magnificent Victorian Room.  You will not be dissappointed.

beautiful Tiffany-inspired lamp in the living room of the Iron Horse Inn

amazingly huge jacuzzi tub

front porch lit with twinkling lights and sweet rocking chairs

The Victorian Room's remote-controlled fireplace

wine glasses and bottle opener sitting on our mantle

the first of three wineries we visited and where we ate dinner the first night

beautiful view at Stone Hill overlooking the town

on the front porch after dinner

a basket of freshly baked goodies awaited us outside our door the next morning

the Hermannhof was our first winery stop on the second day

Adam Puchta was the third winery we visited and it was beautifully nustled into the country-side

there was a bistro there also, but we were so full from the wine sampling that we decided to pass

the beautiful groves of Stone Hill Winery

delicious lunch spot before heading back home
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