six months later

I spent some time this weekend organizing the photos on my computer and came across some great shots from our wedding.  6 months later and I still love to look at these...

{insert sigh}

Just thought I'd share!  Hope you are having a fan-tab-u-lo-so week, dear readers!

the note my husband sent via his brother as I was getting ready

champagne in champagne flutes

my husband lighting a birthday candle for his grandfather - we got married on his birthday

self-explanatory.  I'm obsessed with shoes... would you expect anything less?


Gracey Loo, Money Smart Fashion said...

adorable! I love looking at wedding pictures! You shoes were adorable.

Ashley J said...

Awe, Gracie these are so good! I got married in November 09 and need to post some of my pics up on the blog...great idea!


Anonymous said...

Awww...lovely photos! We just got our wedding proofs last week. I know I'll love looking at them months & even years later :)

Elaine said...

Gorgeous pictures!!!!

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