There's No Place Like Home

trench, Target; scarf, Payless sample; tee, The Limited - thrifted;
pants, Old Navy; shoes, Rampage via Piperlime.com; polish, OPI - Over The Taupe

Getting away is always fun, but nothing beats coming home.  My red shoes made me feel a little like Dorothy today especially since my husband and I were gone this weekend.  On top of that it was a stormy day, with thunder, lighting, and hail.. oh my!  My trench was not necessary to start the day, but by the end I was glad I had it.  Luckily I was able to snap these pictures between storms. 


Ashley J said...

I love the red shoes for a pop of color...are those a recent purchase? They are super cute!


Bachman's Sparrow said...

Wow! Lately people have been changing my mind about Old Navy pants! Normally I only find ill-fitting pairs, but yours are perfect!

xoxo Maria

Gracie said...

The shoes are actually not new, they just don't get as much love as I'd like to give :) I got them from Piperlime about 3 years ago.

The pants are amazing - I wear them all the time. Best $8 I've spent :)

Margareth Hing said...

i love the stripes and the coat! can you say adorable! because i can! ADORABLE!!


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