Inspired by: Oklahoma!

the chic cowgirl

You might have caught in my Monday post that I saw something very interesting while I was in Oklahoma City. Saturday night we visited a dance club called Club Rodeo, and let me assure you that the name does not come without reason - both the Club part and the Rodeo part. You see, half of the building is a dance club and the other half is a rodeo.  A Real. Live. Rodeo. Complete with cowboy boots, cowboy hats, red dirt, and bulls - big, angry bulls.  While it may not be my style, I subscribe to the philosophy that "when in Rome, do as the Romans do."  So, I yelled, hoot and hollered, and took the below video.  I also brought home some great ideas for cowgirl inspired looks.

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Ashley J said...

Wow-that necklace is amazing! Now I just have to find somewhere to wear it...


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