Patricia Field for Payless

Alright, ladies!  Grab your Cosmo martini and your Manolo Blahniks, the time has finally come!  And, to celebrate the much anticipated sequel I was lucky enough to grab this cutie from work.  Patricia Field, stylist for the fabulous SATC foursome has collaborated with Payless to create a limited edition clover leaf necklace similar to the one that Carrie wears in the movie.  So, go grab one this weekend while they are still available!  And, do have that extra Cosmo ;)

A Boost of Confidence

shades, Ralph Lauren; dress, Gianni Bini; watch, Fossil; shoes, Dolce Vita

I almost didn't get this shot in today.  It was so beautiful outside that I decided to forego running at the gym so that I could take the kiddles for a walk around the park.  However, before our walk, I decided that I must share.  I love this dress!  No matter when or where I wear it, I always receive compliments.  However, more importantly, I love the way it makes me feel.  Sometimes the write piece of clothing can make you feel just a little more confident and make your day a little more brighter.  Not a bad way to wrap up the week!


Simply Perfect

sweet and subtleFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Totally in love with the subtle details, yet simplicity of this look.  Between the lace on the dress and the studs on the bottom of the bag.  Perfection!


My Roots

my uncle, my grandmother and my dad (from l to r)

This photo was meant for my Monday post.  But, I was so tired when we finally got home from the airport Sunday night that I forgot to include it.  Then, last night I was browsing some vintage photos from The Sartorialist and so decided that instead of my scheduled outfit post for today, I just had to share!  

I love looking at this photo.  That could be because I know very little about my family during this point in their lives, early 1950s, so I get to use my imagination.  Instead of the uncle and father I now know, I see two sweet little boys who are both deeply loved by their mother.  I see not my grandmother, but a beautiful woman and mother, who slightly resembles Betty Davis.  I imagine her to be dressed in wonderfully tailored clothes and surrounded with all the finest things, but still slightly distracted with life.  She looks distantly into the future as if she's trying to find more for her boys and her self, but is not sure where to go or how to get there.  Regardless of what life really was like then or what I like to imagine it to be like, I love this photo because it is my family.  These are my roots. 



shades, Ralph Lauren; cardigan, Old Navy; dress, Target; bracelet, Tiffanys; shoes, Rampage via Piperlime

After an entire week of rain and 55 degree weather, we finally saw sunny skies today.  And, the result... a few flowers decided to come out to visit.  Not a bad Monday at all!


Home Grown

{hubbie & grandfather fishing}

Each time I go home, I become just a little more proud of where I come from.  This weekend's trip was amazing.  Between getting to hold my best friend's first born child (born last Friday) and watching my husband spend quality time fishing with my grandfather, I am leaving North Carolina completely content and at peace with life. 

Happy Monday, dear readers! I hope you all had an amazing weekend also!

{the beautiful little feet of my "nephew"}

{delicious North Carolina wine}

{one of five fish that my husband caught over the weekend}

{a teary-eyed, proud auntie!}


"If you like Pina Coladas..."

Beach Lovin'Fashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Can you tell what I've been up to?  Sorry for my absence the past two days, since I had originally promised posts.  It's a hard life being on vacay :)  See you guys on Monday!  Enjoy your weekend!


Leavin' On a Jet Plane

My oh my! Tuesday was one crazy day which has left me wondering where it went!  I'm leaving on our jet plane in just a matter of hours and not one outfit is packed! The hubbie, however, is completely packed and ready to go (c/o his wonderful wifey)!  So, indulge me while I use my blog as an extension of my ever growing to-do list!

Here is my thought process when it comes to packing:

1. I pack by days. This meaning that I think about what I will be doing on each of the different days that I am gone and then create at least one outfit for each day accordingly.  Example: Saturday night we will attend a cook-out at my aunt and uncle's house, so my outfit for Saturday will be something grilling appropriate.

2. I pack shoes first. This is probably not a suprise for anyone who knows me halfway decently or has read this blog for more than 30 seconds.  I tend to think that shoes make the outfit and I like to have options, so I try to take at least as many shoes as days that I am planning to be gone... unless of course I'm gone for a month - I'm not that shoe-crazy! Anyway, depending on the number of days I'm gone, I try to pack at least one of each of the followIng: flats, heels/wedges, short boots, and something with a peep-toe.  My Rainbow flip flops also go with me everywhere, but they don't really count.

3. I pack the night before.  This rule, of course, doesn't apply if I'm going to be gone for more than a week.  That requires more time and planning.  The reason I otherwise wait is due to 1) I like to get the most accurate picture of my what my travel destination's weather looks like and 2) the clothes wrinkle and it takes up too much space in my bedroom.  The night before generally works just fine. 

4. I pack only carry-on if at all possible when flying.  This generally works if my trip is less than a week or if I'm traveling to a warm destination where minimal clothing is needed and what I do pack takes up little room.  The reason being that I've had one too many bags lost or show up late, and I love my clothes and shoes and would prefer that that not happen. 

Alright, there you have my packing ritual.  I'm going to start a little packing for tomorrow and then hit the sack because 5:30 am is going to come much too early for this girl!


Style Inspiration: Airport Travel

traveling galFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Since I'm leaving on a jet plane Wednesday, I have a mile long to-do list that just keeps getting longer.  Item #1: my traveling outfit.  I always put a lot of thought into this outfit simply because traveling by plane can have so many unknowns.  Such as: what the temperature will be a) on the plane, b) in the airport, c) at my final travel destination, or d) all of the above.  For this reason, I choose to wear lots of layers and that almost always involves a scarf.  My other perference while traveling is to wear flats, but not boots.  This is simply because of the whole taking-my-shoes-off at security feature of flying.  I see a lot of celebs wearing boots, but that takes too much time.  I would prefer to stick with something short, but still comfy and cute like the moccasins above. 

Alright, now that I have an idea of what I'm wearing on the plane - it's off to bed for this traveling gal! I have to get up bright and early tomorrow to finish the rest of my to-do list :)


"In my mind I'm goin' to Carolina..."

Actually this time I'm not just going there in my mind, I'm physically going to be there this week!  The hubbie and I are leaving Wednesday afternoon for a much needed getaway to my parents house.  It's been almost 4 1/2 years since I moved away from the state that James Taylor sings so fondly of, but regardless of how much or little I am able to get back, whenever I do it always welcomes me with open arms.  I am not planning on taking my laptop on this trip (as the goal is to get a little R and R), but I do have a line up of goodies for your reading pleasure. Have a great week and weekend, dear readers!  I'll be back next week fully rejuvinated and with lots of details from our trip!


Currently Loving: Tie-Dye

peacock tie-dye

This is one trend that falls into the same chapter as clogs in my book.  Much like clogs, I've never thought tie-dye belonged in a well dressed person's closet, or at least I had never seen it... until this season.  Now, I've suddenly noticed tie-dye popping up on the most unexpected silhouettes and I strangely find myself attracted to it! However, it was the Alexander McQueen dress featured above that caught my attention several weeks ago while purusing Polyvore.  I've since found myself drawn to different variations of the 70s-inspired print whether it's a blouse, tank, tee, or ruffly dress.  I think between the clogs and tie-dye I've sufficiently learned my lesson on keeping my mouth shut about clothes I will never wear. 


I think I can, I think I can...

shades, Ralph Lauren; scarf, Target; shirt, Gianni Bini; pants, Old Navy; shoes, so old, I don't remember

This is actually what I wore Tuesday.  Tuesday the weather started out cold and gray and  crappy - much like it had been for most of the weekend.  However, by Tuesday I was tired of wearing layers of knits and trying to stay warm in clothes that should be worn in October, not May.  So, I decided that since the weather could not decide to play nice, I would need to do a little convincing.  I broke out this beautiful floral scarf that I found at Target over the weekend, and what do you know?! By the time I left work the sun was out, the temperature was rising and I needed my shades.  See there Mother Nature, that wasn't so bad, now was it?


in a land far, far away

cardigan, Kohl's; shirt, thrifted; jeans, Levis; bag and moccasins, Payless samples

I have one more exam left.  One stinkin' exam, which kept me inside the majority of Saturday studying.  However, while my body might have been hunched over a computer, my mind kept me wandering through one warm summer adventure after another, in a land far, far away.  To make matters worse, it was quite chilly outside this weekend (high: 57 degrees) which meant sandals and summery dresses were out of the equation.  So, instead of a warm land far, far away; I had to settle for a somehwat cool, small spot of land I call my backyard. 

walking away



Blogs and Coffee by Made By Girl $25.00

It truly is destiny that I ran across this image on Etsy earlier this morning.  You must check out the Made By Girl website and Etsy shop.  It is really too cute!  Sorry, that this post is so brief today, but I must go buy this print to hang in my office :)


Payless + Toledo = pure genius!

image courtesy Style.com

Okay ladies (and gents... I don't discriminate!), now that the word is officialy out I can gush about how excited I am for our newest guest designer to join Payless! Did you hear that Isabel Toledo is going to be designing a line of shoes for Payless in the not to distant future?  Even though I am completely biased toward my company, I must say that I feel that we've up'd our game in the last several years.  I mean... Alice + Olivia, Christian Siriano, and now the designer of the iconic Inaugural ensemble... it's fierce! So, in honor of such a momentus occassion, and since I'm not allowed nor privy to show any of Toledo's work... here's some styles already on the shelves.  Go got 'em while they are still there!

Alice + Olivia Jazz Oxford, $29.99

Alice + Olivia Hampton Studded Clog, $39.99

Alice + Olivia Paige Platform Gladiator Sandal, $39.99

Alice + Olivia Eric Sequin Flat, sale: $19.99; originally $29.99

Christian Siriano Michelle Printed Peep-Toe Flat, $29.99

Predictions Harmony Elastic Sandal, $22.99


Oldies But Goodies

necklaces, Forever 21; dress, Target; blazer, Banana Republic; pumps, Steve Madden

Some days I just want to be in clothes that I love.  Not that I don't love all of my clothes, but some days I resort back to the items in my wardrobe that I don't have to think too hard about when I'm getting dressed.  These are pieces that seem to go with anything and everything, they always fit just right, and more than anything I just feel good when I wear them.  Everything about this outfit is like that.  From the jewelry to the pumps... I could wear any of these anytime.

PS - A very Happy Birthday shout-out to the most wonderful woman I know... my Mom :) I love you, and thank you for putting up with all of my antics over the years.  Not to mention all of the early years which were undoubtedly filled with less than desireable shopping trips!  You're the best!

PSS - Happy Mothers Day, too! And, to all of the Mothers out there, I hope you have a beautiful, wonderful weekend surrounded by the ones that love you most - your kids.


just playin' around

casually chic

I would totally wear this outfit for a day of playin' around.  Lunch and Starbucks with my BFF.  check.  Going for a drive in the convertible with the hubbie.  check.  Shopping all day with... well, I could do that with or without anyone else.


It's Worth It

American Summer Classic

Lately, Polyvore has served as a creative outlet for me to enjoy styling clothes without going out and buying them (this can be an expensive habit!).  However, I do think that I need to recreate an actual version of this outfit before the 4th of July.  I have to believe that at least the romper would be worth the investment - it's classic, all American and I saw one at Target last weekend and didn't buy it and have been thinking about it ever since.  Usually when I lust over clothes, it's a sign... okay, I'm not kidding anyone.  I lust over clothes all the time.  But, at least I know I won't have buyers remorse! 


summer lovin'

shades, Jessica Simpson; cardigan, Old Navy; dress, Target;
belt, Payless sample, watch, Fossil; cuffed sandals, Dolce Vita

I am thankful everyday when I get up to get dressed for work that I work in a business casual environment.  Most coporate jobs would not be as tolerant of summery outfits such as the one I wore to work yesterday.  That's the beauty of working in merchandising for a retailer.  However, I almost didn't wear this outfit because it seemed too summery.  I feared that I might be dressing too ahead of the season.  But with 80 degree highs, I wore it and did not feel bad for one minute about my decision.

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