Leavin' On a Jet Plane

My oh my! Tuesday was one crazy day which has left me wondering where it went!  I'm leaving on our jet plane in just a matter of hours and not one outfit is packed! The hubbie, however, is completely packed and ready to go (c/o his wonderful wifey)!  So, indulge me while I use my blog as an extension of my ever growing to-do list!

Here is my thought process when it comes to packing:

1. I pack by days. This meaning that I think about what I will be doing on each of the different days that I am gone and then create at least one outfit for each day accordingly.  Example: Saturday night we will attend a cook-out at my aunt and uncle's house, so my outfit for Saturday will be something grilling appropriate.

2. I pack shoes first. This is probably not a suprise for anyone who knows me halfway decently or has read this blog for more than 30 seconds.  I tend to think that shoes make the outfit and I like to have options, so I try to take at least as many shoes as days that I am planning to be gone... unless of course I'm gone for a month - I'm not that shoe-crazy! Anyway, depending on the number of days I'm gone, I try to pack at least one of each of the followIng: flats, heels/wedges, short boots, and something with a peep-toe.  My Rainbow flip flops also go with me everywhere, but they don't really count.

3. I pack the night before.  This rule, of course, doesn't apply if I'm going to be gone for more than a week.  That requires more time and planning.  The reason I otherwise wait is due to 1) I like to get the most accurate picture of my what my travel destination's weather looks like and 2) the clothes wrinkle and it takes up too much space in my bedroom.  The night before generally works just fine. 

4. I pack only carry-on if at all possible when flying.  This generally works if my trip is less than a week or if I'm traveling to a warm destination where minimal clothing is needed and what I do pack takes up little room.  The reason being that I've had one too many bags lost or show up late, and I love my clothes and shoes and would prefer that that not happen. 

Alright, there you have my packing ritual.  I'm going to start a little packing for tomorrow and then hit the sack because 5:30 am is going to come much too early for this girl!

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Noble Beeyotch said...

Packing is such a task for me...I love how well-planned your packing process is!

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