in a land far, far away

cardigan, Kohl's; shirt, thrifted; jeans, Levis; bag and moccasins, Payless samples

I have one more exam left.  One stinkin' exam, which kept me inside the majority of Saturday studying.  However, while my body might have been hunched over a computer, my mind kept me wandering through one warm summer adventure after another, in a land far, far away.  To make matters worse, it was quite chilly outside this weekend (high: 57 degrees) which meant sandals and summery dresses were out of the equation.  So, instead of a warm land far, far away; I had to settle for a somehwat cool, small spot of land I call my backyard. 

walking away

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Dessinatrice said...

The weather is seriously throwing me for a loop, I can't take this anymore! My backyard is at a severe lack of lovely trees to stand under =[ Love your bag, I've been looking for similar, where did you get it?

Ripped Nylon

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