I think I can, I think I can...

shades, Ralph Lauren; scarf, Target; shirt, Gianni Bini; pants, Old Navy; shoes, so old, I don't remember

This is actually what I wore Tuesday.  Tuesday the weather started out cold and gray and  crappy - much like it had been for most of the weekend.  However, by Tuesday I was tired of wearing layers of knits and trying to stay warm in clothes that should be worn in October, not May.  So, I decided that since the weather could not decide to play nice, I would need to do a little convincing.  I broke out this beautiful floral scarf that I found at Target over the weekend, and what do you know?! By the time I left work the sun was out, the temperature was rising and I needed my shades.  See there Mother Nature, that wasn't so bad, now was it?

1 comment:

Gracey Loo, Money Smart Fashion said...

i saw that scarf! i love it too. But you must have sent your crappy weather my way...

you look lovely dear, have a good weekend!

ps. i do love business casual!

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