summer lovin'

shades, Jessica Simpson; cardigan, Old Navy; dress, Target;
belt, Payless sample, watch, Fossil; cuffed sandals, Dolce Vita

I am thankful everyday when I get up to get dressed for work that I work in a business casual environment.  Most coporate jobs would not be as tolerant of summery outfits such as the one I wore to work yesterday.  That's the beauty of working in merchandising for a retailer.  However, I almost didn't wear this outfit because it seemed too summery.  I feared that I might be dressing too ahead of the season.  But with 80 degree highs, I wore it and did not feel bad for one minute about my decision.


Gracey Loo, Money Smart Fashion said...

Lucky! Love that dress. Once it hits 80, you can wear anything you want. That's my rule at least.

Joe Joe said...

Alright deary . . . you have to get some colored cardigans . . . the grey cardigan needs to go away now that it's SPRING!! I love that dress!! NICE!!

My mission in life is to get you in COLOR :) (maybe because I'm just a rainbow myself, giggle)

Ashley J said...

I love that dress Gracie!!


Lady Peach said...

CUTE dress!!
Lady Peach

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