Currently Loving: Tie-Dye

peacock tie-dye

This is one trend that falls into the same chapter as clogs in my book.  Much like clogs, I've never thought tie-dye belonged in a well dressed person's closet, or at least I had never seen it... until this season.  Now, I've suddenly noticed tie-dye popping up on the most unexpected silhouettes and I strangely find myself attracted to it! However, it was the Alexander McQueen dress featured above that caught my attention several weeks ago while purusing Polyvore.  I've since found myself drawn to different variations of the 70s-inspired print whether it's a blouse, tank, tee, or ruffly dress.  I think between the clogs and tie-dye I've sufficiently learned my lesson on keeping my mouth shut about clothes I will never wear. 

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