My Roots

my uncle, my grandmother and my dad (from l to r)

This photo was meant for my Monday post.  But, I was so tired when we finally got home from the airport Sunday night that I forgot to include it.  Then, last night I was browsing some vintage photos from The Sartorialist and so decided that instead of my scheduled outfit post for today, I just had to share!  

I love looking at this photo.  That could be because I know very little about my family during this point in their lives, early 1950s, so I get to use my imagination.  Instead of the uncle and father I now know, I see two sweet little boys who are both deeply loved by their mother.  I see not my grandmother, but a beautiful woman and mother, who slightly resembles Betty Davis.  I imagine her to be dressed in wonderfully tailored clothes and surrounded with all the finest things, but still slightly distracted with life.  She looks distantly into the future as if she's trying to find more for her boys and her self, but is not sure where to go or how to get there.  Regardless of what life really was like then or what I like to imagine it to be like, I love this photo because it is my family.  These are my roots. 

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Bachman's Sparrow said...

Wow, your grandmother is definitely one glamorous looking lady! Love this picture!

xoxo Mari a

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