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Since I'm leaving on a jet plane Wednesday, I have a mile long to-do list that just keeps getting longer.  Item #1: my traveling outfit.  I always put a lot of thought into this outfit simply because traveling by plane can have so many unknowns.  Such as: what the temperature will be a) on the plane, b) in the airport, c) at my final travel destination, or d) all of the above.  For this reason, I choose to wear lots of layers and that almost always involves a scarf.  My other perference while traveling is to wear flats, but not boots.  This is simply because of the whole taking-my-shoes-off at security feature of flying.  I see a lot of celebs wearing boots, but that takes too much time.  I would prefer to stick with something short, but still comfy and cute like the moccasins above. 

Alright, now that I have an idea of what I'm wearing on the plane - it's off to bed for this traveling gal! I have to get up bright and early tomorrow to finish the rest of my to-do list :)

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Dessinatrice said...

Cute, love it! Enjoy your trip!!

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