'Do or Do Not?

Fendi Fall RTW 2010

Last night I was enjoying margaritas with a girlfriend when she turns to me and asks: what's with the crazy, messy, bobby-pins all over the place look?

Hmmm... well, let's see.

Sam McKnight styled the models for the Fendi Fall 2010 RTW with a messy pompadour-inspired look, seen above and here:

The always dramatic John Galliano used a messy side-do in his Spring 2010 RTW show.

Backstage at the Chanel Spring 2010 Couture show.  Hair all over the place in a seemingly Gaga-inspired way.

Derek Lam Spring 2010 RTW

So, her question to me and now my question to you is: is this a 'do or do not?  Is pilling your hair on top of your head and fishing around for tons of bobbypins worth it or is it better left to the professionals?

*all pictures via Style.com


My Mission

I logged into Blogger two days ago to find that The Flip Side of Oz has achieved a significant milestone: 50 postsFor some, this may seem like a small thing to celebrate.  But, for a girl who could barely remember her Blogger password a little under a year ago... this is huge!  

50 posts later, I have to admit that this site has evolved and will hopefully continue evolving and changing to become even better.  The Flip Side of Oz has become an outlet in which to share my creativity, my interests, my passions in life, and I dare say that it has even become therapeautic. 

With that being said, I have been doing a lot of soul-searching on ways to improve.  So, for you dear readers, who have stuck by me during these early (and often times rough and sparatic) days, I would like to share with you my goal and mission - to attract more readers in order to meet and engage in dialogue with others who have a similar appreciation for fashion and personal style, and most importantly, create a site that fosters and inspires creativity in myself and others.   

I am proud to report that my first step toward achieving this mission is that I have joined IFB - Independent Fashion Bloggers.  IFB brings fashion bloggers together to share thoughts, ideas, tips, and help support others in their blogging endeavors.  Dear readers, I have greatly enjoyed the last 50 posts, and here's to 50 more that are even better!


Black & Blue

I am proud to report that my first pair of shoes made it into the store today!  These cuties have officially been tagged for sale and I can't wait for some lucky shopper to scoop 'em up!  They are so much fun!  I enjoyed styling them with a pair of blue tights (DKNY) and a black dress (Isaac Mizrahi for Target) today. 

A special thanks to my hubby for being patient with me
and my crazy antics, and for helping me with photos!



Remember my obsessing over oxfords here and here?  Well, a vintaging trip this weekend proved to be successful at last.  This pair has a bit more of a heel and pointy toe than I originally thought I was searching for, but when I saw them… it was love at first sight.  I'm thinking about substituting brown ribbon for laces.  And, oh yeah, they cost less than $10.   Perfection. 

On a side note: I thought at first that these might eventually make it to the store, but after wearing them to work today I promptly decided that they would not.  I don't know how good I'm going to be at this whole online store thing.  Knowing me, I'll probably end up keeping most of the inventory for myself.


Etsy Finds

Other than the oh-so-fab-u-loso items in the new Flip Side shop (of course), there are some pretty cool items up for grabs on Etsy. I love this ring.  I must admit that the owner of this shop produces some pretty cool stuff. 

Emerald Bezel Ring by Onestonenewyork, $148.00


Grand Opening!

So, I bet you'd either forgotten by now or had started to doubt whether or not I really had big news this week.  Oh, but do not fear!  Dear readers, I would never leave you hanging like that!  So, without further adue I am proud to unveil The Flip Side of Oz online shop!  I have been a busy, busy girl during the last two weeks preparing some goodies to unleash to the world, but the time has finally come.  Please stop by and check it out (you can click on the image above to take you directly there).  I've also included a widget on the left hand side of this blog to showcase a few items.  Happy shopping!


Dear Frye

Frye Paige Tall Riding Boot $398


Oh how I love thee.  The reason you don't have a home in my closet really has nothing to do with you.  It has to do with your price tag.  You see, I really don't love your price tag.  But, just when I was about to give up hope I noticed several co-workers wearing a similar style boot.  One in brown and one in black - both super cute and both exactly what I have been wanting.  As it turns out the black pair came from (of all places) Old Navy.  So, while doing some online perusing for some Frye-inspired boots I decided to poke around their website to see what they had... and low and behold Old Navy saved the day.  The boot comes in gray.  Love you Old Navy. Love your prices.

Old Navy Women's Tall Faux Leather Boot $34.50


Currently Browsing: Bombe Chests

A friend of mine recently approached me with a project, which involved finding a more reasonably priced alternative to this beautiful bombe chest (pictured above) from Crate & Barrel.  Now, I love a good search for a well priced item.  It's something about the hunt of finding exactly what I want at exactly the right price.  It's my version of crack an adrenaline rush, so it should go without saying that this project was a lot of fun for me.  I hope it helps, Kim!  The following options are all priced at least $200 less than the the Crate & Barrel chest, but still very beautiful.

Option 1
Nebraska Furniture Mart Hand Painted Bombe Chest $379.99

Option 2

Option 3
I am in amazement that even Pottery Barn is priced better! Beautiful!
Pottery Barn Daniella Chest $599.00

Option 4
Okay, so this option is what I would call an updated version of the bombe chest, which is typical coming from Ikea (I love that store!). The legs and hardware keep it bombe like, while the straight edges give it a bit more modern feel. It may not be quite what you're looking for, but for the price I had to include it. 
Ikea Edland $199

Option 5
Finally, if you're not in a huge hurry to buy, the following are a few additional shopping destinations I would scout once or twice just to see what they have in stock. I was unable to include pictures from these stores because you never know what they are going have.

  1. Hobby Lobby
  2. Gallery Classic
  3. Tuesday Morning

Alrighty, happy shopping!  I hope this helps in your quest for a bombe chest!


Lay Off Of My Black Suede Shoes

Top: Victoria Secret Tee, $9.99;  Belt: Simply Vera Vera Wang for Kohl's, $5.60;  
skirt: Kohl's, $18;  patterned tights: vintaged, $4; shoes: Steve Madden, $110

This morning I woke up with the desire to feel a little girly and I knew exactly what I wanted to wear: heels and patterned tights (and Joe, the pencil skirt is for you, honey!).  The result was the above outfit, which I enjoyed every minute of wearing.  The shoes are my favorite part.  I bought them 3 days before our wedding to wear to our dress rehearsal and dinner.  Yes, I bought a pair of shoes for the occasion… were you really surprised?


Busy Bee

All week long, I have been a busy, busy bee.  And so far, the start of the weekend has been no exception.  Next week I have a few surprises to share, so stay tuned to learn more.  For now, I'll leave you in suspense with the following pictures... :)

Enjoy your weekend!


Happy Friday!

zwani.com myspace graphic comments

Happy Friday, dear readers! Are you doing anything for Valentine’s Day? The hubby and I are going to The Melting Pot for dinner with friends. I love fondue, so I’m very excited about our plans Sunday night.  I also love these vintage Valentine's Day Graphics! So, tell me... what are your plans this weekend?  Whatever you have planned, I hope you have a fab-u-loso time!

I heart S/S 2010

Maybe it's because I've seen a 25-year record snow in Kansas this winter.  Maybe it's because for the first time in my life I've experienced highs of 0 degrees.  Or, maybe it's because I'm ready for a change of wardrobe.  Regardless of the reason I can't seem to keep my mind off wearing some of the new Spring trends.  I love the Silk Bow Sandal (pictured above) from Vionnet.  It incorporates one of the season's hottest trends - prints - and I get to show off my painted toe nails again!


Currently Browsing: Layered Necklaces

Erickson Beamon White Lies Necklace

Long, layered chain necklaces (or at least the look of) were all over the place this past fall.  And, despite getting all geared up for S/S 2010 (cuffs and bangles are gonna be huge!), I must admit that I am still in love.  The look is an uber chic and easy way to dress up an outfit, whether you're going to the office or running errands in jeans and a tee over the weekend.  Here are a few goodies that I've been eyeing. 

Simply Vera Vera Wang Tone Pearl Multistrand Necklace at Kohl's

Banana Republic Lorenz Necklace

Simply Vera Vera Wang Jet-Tone Crystal Floral Necklace at Kohl's

Banana Republic Fiesta Necklace

Tuleste Market Layered Ball and Chain


DIY: Painted Furniture

Every now and then, I get a project on the brain and I just can't seem to shake it loose.  So, I do the only thing I know how to do: I Google said project, study up on the best recommended process and then, I go do it!  This week, my project is going to involve painting furniture.  You see, I have noticed that most of the rooms in our house tend to be a little lop-sided.  We have one side table in our living room, one side table in our bedroom, one filing cabinet in our office to the right of our computer desk, and one side table in our guest bedroom (notice the trend yet?).  Well, the lop-sidedness in at least one room of this house will cease to exist after this week.  I found an old side table in our basement the other day that I had resisted putting upstairs because of its visible wear and tear.  However, with just a few coats of paint, I'm sure this side table will join the rest of our living space quite nicely.  I'll post the end results after I'm done, but for now here's a little of my Googling inspiration.

I love this media stand!

Paint pens... what a great idea!

I'm from the South... I will always be a fan of monogramming

I love the combination of the light blue color of
this chest with the slightly darker color lining the edges

I'm pretty sure lampshades are considered accents, not furniture,
but I still like the look of these painted lampshades. 
I think I feel a new project coming on...

And, while I'm at it...
Yes! I'll take this closet please! I'm sure you can easily spot what I love most about this room :)



hat, Payless sample; coat, Kohl's $18 (originally $180); skirt, Old Navy $6;
cardigan and t-shirt, Old Navy $15 & $5; tights, Target $7; Boots, Dolce Vita from Nordstrom's $90 

Lately, I haven't felt like I had much success in the shopping department.  But, I can successfully say that my drought ended today.  Although not what I thought I was going out to find, I am very satisfied with the end result (and, gasp - no shoes were purchased!).  You see, originally I thought I would spend the day vintaging (a term coined by my BFF and I in reference to "thrifting"), but after our usual Saturday afternoon lunch his parting words with me were, "wait, don't go today and we'll go together later!"  So in order to honor his request I decided to forgoe a day vintaging and instead hit up some other favs - TJ Maxx and Kohl's.  The jacket I'm wearing in the picture is probably the purchase I'm most proud of.  Remember me browsing these wools coats?  Well, my browsing days are over as I found exactly what I was looking for and at an excellent price!  I call that success, indeed!

Currently Browsing: Vintage

I have never considered myself a brand-infatuated person.  Instead I like to shop styles that attract my attention and flatter my shape.  If the item just happens to be made by a designer that is fine, too - I certainly don't discriminate. However, one thing I have found is that brand name does not necessarily equal quality.  Vintage items (designer or otherwise) are often times just as good a quality if not better that some current day name brands.  Plus, let's face it, styles come and go, so you can rest assured that every fashion (even circa 1984) will rear its head again.  Here are a few of the styles I'm browsing this weekend, but they will be vintage (of course!).

Brown Oxford Shoes

Steve Madden Tuxxedo $49.95 (plus free shipping with this code)

These vintage oxfords are awesome!  Finding these cuties
(darn not having a smaller foot!) last month has left me wanting a pair so bad!

These are going to have to go on my wish list because they are simply
way out of my price range.  I will say that while the price is steep,
the quality truly is magnificent.  I've recently been introduced to Ferragamo (thanks Glenda!)
and when I can afford it, I will be purchasing some shoes from this Italian designer. 
More on this later...

High-waisted Tulip Skirt

The price of this skirt from Forever 21 is unbelieveable!
It's only $9.99 and the pleating is exactly what I'm looking for!

Prints are huge for this spring.  I love the colors on this one from Urban Outfitters

You really can't beat Forever 21 when it comes to prices.
This skirt is also a good image of what I'm looking for and even at the
higher end of their price range, $19.80, it's still within my budget!

Again with florals!  I'd feel a little bit closer
to spring in this skirt from UO.  On sale: $29.99

Tapered Pants

These are great, and an oustanding price - $14.99!
Forever 21 never dissappoints.

Urban Outfitters made this great pair that would be perfect for work.

Okay, that is enough for this evening.  I'm off to bed so that I can get up early and scout out some treasures.  Have a happy Saturday!
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