I love you more.... than shoes

Maybe it has to do with Valentine's Day being right around the corner, but I've had love on the mind lately. While we all know that I love shoes, my love goes way deeper than that.

As I mentioned yesterday, the hubbie and I took a trip over the weekend and I returned home to a less than pleasant surprise. Without being too graphic, I will just say that my favorite pair of Uggs were used as a temporary pit stop by our cat, Tiger. Now this is something I don't mention much on the blog, but I love animals. Three of them - 2 dogs and 1 cat - keep our household more than slightly entertained. However, upon arriving home I was not amused to find one of my favorite pairs of shoes ruined. But, let's face it, shit happens (literally) and the people (or animals) that you love will still be around to love you back. Second, how can you be mad at this face for more than two seconds...? I mean, really?

So, I'm over the Ugg incident. Tiger still loves me and I love him right back.

Speaking of unconditional love, the hubbie and I have been happily (um... most of the time), married for 4 months as of yesterday. And contrary to what he might believe, my love for him goes far deeper than any Manolo Blahnik I might find. So, here's to 4 months + many more, babe!

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