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I have never considered myself a brand-infatuated person.  Instead I like to shop styles that attract my attention and flatter my shape.  If the item just happens to be made by a designer that is fine, too - I certainly don't discriminate. However, one thing I have found is that brand name does not necessarily equal quality.  Vintage items (designer or otherwise) are often times just as good a quality if not better that some current day name brands.  Plus, let's face it, styles come and go, so you can rest assured that every fashion (even circa 1984) will rear its head again.  Here are a few of the styles I'm browsing this weekend, but they will be vintage (of course!).

Brown Oxford Shoes

Steve Madden Tuxxedo $49.95 (plus free shipping with this code)

These vintage oxfords are awesome!  Finding these cuties
(darn not having a smaller foot!) last month has left me wanting a pair so bad!

These are going to have to go on my wish list because they are simply
way out of my price range.  I will say that while the price is steep,
the quality truly is magnificent.  I've recently been introduced to Ferragamo (thanks Glenda!)
and when I can afford it, I will be purchasing some shoes from this Italian designer. 
More on this later...

High-waisted Tulip Skirt

The price of this skirt from Forever 21 is unbelieveable!
It's only $9.99 and the pleating is exactly what I'm looking for!

Prints are huge for this spring.  I love the colors on this one from Urban Outfitters

You really can't beat Forever 21 when it comes to prices.
This skirt is also a good image of what I'm looking for and even at the
higher end of their price range, $19.80, it's still within my budget!

Again with florals!  I'd feel a little bit closer
to spring in this skirt from UO.  On sale: $29.99

Tapered Pants

These are great, and an oustanding price - $14.99!
Forever 21 never dissappoints.

Urban Outfitters made this great pair that would be perfect for work.

Okay, that is enough for this evening.  I'm off to bed so that I can get up early and scout out some treasures.  Have a happy Saturday!

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