'Do or Do Not?

Fendi Fall RTW 2010

Last night I was enjoying margaritas with a girlfriend when she turns to me and asks: what's with the crazy, messy, bobby-pins all over the place look?

Hmmm... well, let's see.

Sam McKnight styled the models for the Fendi Fall 2010 RTW with a messy pompadour-inspired look, seen above and here:

The always dramatic John Galliano used a messy side-do in his Spring 2010 RTW show.

Backstage at the Chanel Spring 2010 Couture show.  Hair all over the place in a seemingly Gaga-inspired way.

Derek Lam Spring 2010 RTW

So, her question to me and now my question to you is: is this a 'do or do not?  Is pilling your hair on top of your head and fishing around for tons of bobbypins worth it or is it better left to the professionals?

*all pictures via Style.com


Vanilla said...

I think if you can do it yourself then great, but I dont think I'd be any good at it :)

Love vanilla

Emily said...

I love how the Chanel model with her hair everywhere stills looks happy, despite having what looks like a small animal perched on her head...

I agree with Vanilla - if you can manage it yourself, great, thats no-effort hair every morning right there, but if it just looks messy - in a bad way...then its possibly a don't.

Gracie said...

I know right, Emily - I love that photo! but then again I'd probably be that happy too if I were modeling for Chanel :)

I think I'm with you gals.. the point is to look effortless chic. I think if it takes too much work, it's just not worth it.

Diya said...

haha my answer is... my hair is always going to fall flat/straight, professional or not. Teehee.

and btw, I will respond to your question about photography in my next post which should go up w/i the next 24 hrs. :D


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