DIY: Painted Furniture

Every now and then, I get a project on the brain and I just can't seem to shake it loose.  So, I do the only thing I know how to do: I Google said project, study up on the best recommended process and then, I go do it!  This week, my project is going to involve painting furniture.  You see, I have noticed that most of the rooms in our house tend to be a little lop-sided.  We have one side table in our living room, one side table in our bedroom, one filing cabinet in our office to the right of our computer desk, and one side table in our guest bedroom (notice the trend yet?).  Well, the lop-sidedness in at least one room of this house will cease to exist after this week.  I found an old side table in our basement the other day that I had resisted putting upstairs because of its visible wear and tear.  However, with just a few coats of paint, I'm sure this side table will join the rest of our living space quite nicely.  I'll post the end results after I'm done, but for now here's a little of my Googling inspiration.

I love this media stand!

Paint pens... what a great idea!

I'm from the South... I will always be a fan of monogramming

I love the combination of the light blue color of
this chest with the slightly darker color lining the edges

I'm pretty sure lampshades are considered accents, not furniture,
but I still like the look of these painted lampshades. 
I think I feel a new project coming on...

And, while I'm at it...
Yes! I'll take this closet please! I'm sure you can easily spot what I love most about this room :)

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