hat, Payless sample; coat, Kohl's $18 (originally $180); skirt, Old Navy $6;
cardigan and t-shirt, Old Navy $15 & $5; tights, Target $7; Boots, Dolce Vita from Nordstrom's $90 

Lately, I haven't felt like I had much success in the shopping department.  But, I can successfully say that my drought ended today.  Although not what I thought I was going out to find, I am very satisfied with the end result (and, gasp - no shoes were purchased!).  You see, originally I thought I would spend the day vintaging (a term coined by my BFF and I in reference to "thrifting"), but after our usual Saturday afternoon lunch his parting words with me were, "wait, don't go today and we'll go together later!"  So in order to honor his request I decided to forgoe a day vintaging and instead hit up some other favs - TJ Maxx and Kohl's.  The jacket I'm wearing in the picture is probably the purchase I'm most proud of.  Remember me browsing these wools coats?  Well, my browsing days are over as I found exactly what I was looking for and at an excellent price!  I call that success, indeed!

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