Lay Off Of My Black Suede Shoes

Top: Victoria Secret Tee, $9.99;  Belt: Simply Vera Vera Wang for Kohl's, $5.60;  
skirt: Kohl's, $18;  patterned tights: vintaged, $4; shoes: Steve Madden, $110

This morning I woke up with the desire to feel a little girly and I knew exactly what I wanted to wear: heels and patterned tights (and Joe, the pencil skirt is for you, honey!).  The result was the above outfit, which I enjoyed every minute of wearing.  The shoes are my favorite part.  I bought them 3 days before our wedding to wear to our dress rehearsal and dinner.  Yes, I bought a pair of shoes for the occasion… were you really surprised?

1 comment:

Joe Joe said...

You soooooooo did not just model an outfit!!!! hahahaha! You are a hot mess!

And I love the pencil skirt!!!

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