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If there's one thing that I find therapeutic, it's shopping. On most days I could spend hours in a department store staring at shoe-lined shelves, combing through racks of beautiful clothing, and scouring handbag tables for the perfect item to add to my wardrobe. However, there is always the rare occasion that malls or department stores make me a little crazy. One thing I never get tired of, however, is online shopping. Give me a laptop, a cup of Java, and a cozy chair and I could shop online for hours. I like to think that it spurs my fashion creativity and I am usually able to find things that I may have looked over or not seen at all in a department store.

So it occurred to me that since perusing cyberspace for steals and deals brings such joy to my life, it seems only natural that I share it here. I mean, why keep something so fantastic to myself - it's just rude! This will be the first of a recurring blog entry entitled Currently Browsing. I hope you find it a source of inspiration also, and please feel free to share if you see other items out there in cyber-land that myself or others might enjoy as well.

Today's installment: winter coats. As I've noted in nearly all of my entries for the past month, it is cold here. And, while I already have several wool coats that I have loved, I am afraid they are beginning to show their wear and tear. Therefore, I am currently browsing winter coats. Check out the assortment below. 

I like the high neck and big buttons on this one, but in black from Nordstrom's

I like the laid back feel of this one from J Crew

I like the shorter length on this one, and the pleating at the top from Victoria's Secret

But then again I can always go for a knee length - it's so classic, also from Victoria's Secret

Decisions, decisions.  I guess that means, I'll just have to continue my quest tomorrow! 

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