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But this time it's for work... kind of.  Like I said, school has started back.  Despite my "I hate going back to school" attitude (I'm just trying to act cool), I am actually quite looking forward to the classes I've enrolled in this semester.  One class is entitled Product Systems, which takes an in depth look at the distributing of product by US fashion retailers. 

really?! that's what I do!

The great part of it all is that I get to work all semester long on a project about Coach.  Yes, Coach Inc., the US manufacturer of premier leather handbags and shoes!  Which leads me to ask:  how did I get so lucky?  It also got me thinking that in order to effectively complete this project I should probably do a little research and buy a bag (or two!). 
So, here are a few inspirations that would be just perfect for spring. 


With so much studying already done, I am sure to get an A!  And, I haven't even researched shoes yet :)

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