Sending Love to the 'Rents & Uggs

My parents pre-marriage (Circa 1969ish)

My first little bit 'o love needs to go out to the 'rents. I was so excited to write about our date night in my last blog entry, that I completely forgot to mention that my parents came into town yesterday! It is so good to see them. This was the first Christmas I didn't spend with my family, so having them here now is going to be so much fun! I'll make sure to fill you in on all the details! And, PS, I left up my Christmas decorations a little bit longer so that we could exchange gifts and still feel like it was Christmas. I'm not a huge fan of doing so, but at least I'm not alone.

My beautiful parents' first Christmas Card (circa 1971)

Our Christmas Card (circa 2004)

Another little bit 'o love needs to go out to my newest shopping acquisition. I decided to get out of the house on Sunday, as a major 'bout of cabin fever was setting in, and felt that some retail therapy was in order. Side note: it is still snowing in Kansas! While this southern girl does love snow, she does not love the high for the day being 0 degrees. I'm just sayin'.

So, back to my afternoon of shopping - it goes without saying that I found my way quite easily to the shoe department. And, I just managed to pick up these cuties. Living in the Midwest I have found it essential to have at least one pair of Uggs in the shoe closet. Now, I love my Classic Short Boots from two years ago and still wear them religiously; however, in a foot of snow you need something a little taller and little more water resistant. That's when I found the motorcycle boot-inspired Kensington. They are seriously like wearing gloves/socks/slippers on your feet all day. Plus, I think they are a little more stylish and little less Ugg-like therefore are more appropriate for the office. I'm in love and I may not take them off my feet for the remainder of winter.

Love sent, now I'm gonna go lay by the fire.

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