A 26 Year Birthday Wish Fulfilled

So, being that tonight is my birthday eve, I can't help but think about the 25 years that have already passed. I know I risk sounding hokey, but as a little girl I always associated the magical feelings of the holidays with my birthday since they both occurred in December. Our Christmas tree was always up by my birthday, so Mama would wrap my birthday presents and put them under the tree beside the Christmas presents. School was always close to being out for the holidays by the time my birthday rolled around, so I could stay up late and hang out with friends or talk on the phone longer than I would be able to on school nights. Like I said, my birthday has always been a part of a time of year that I have loved for as long as I can remember. And even as great as this all was, there was always one thing that I missed on my birthday as a young girl. You see, growing up in North Carolina, winter is seldom cold. In fact, winter for North Carolina might be mid-40s at it's lowest. Nowhere near freezing. And, for a little girl who dreamt every night for snow, unfortunately no where near the possibility of snow. Year after year for my birthday, though, I would blow out my candles and say my prayers and hope that God would make it snow. But in 25 years (that I'm able to remember), that wish never came true...

until tonight.

Thank you for letting me be a little nostalgic in this post. It makes this 26 year-old really happy tonight.
Kinda like the snow.

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