Yearly Decor

I love this time of year.  Something about the lights and the ornaments, and trees in random rooms of the house.  All of the decor is so festive that I can't help but smile.  Sometimes it makes me wish that I could keep it up year round.  While I'm not sure that I'd feel the same way come July, I do know that it's the second week of December and I can't keep my eyes off of the twinkling lights in our living room. 

After graduating from college I started using a blue and silver - you might say UNC inspired - color scheme.  However, over the last two years my blue and silver has taken on more of a modern twist.  The disco inspired ornaments are some of my favs.  And, this past year my husband and I received quite a few "Our First Christmas" ornaments as wedding gifts.  While these don't always follow the original blue and silver pattern, I couldn't be happier to welcome the new additions into our yearly decor.  Enjoy!

Martini glasses with disco ball ornaments

Confetti garland

Ornament tree on mantle

Disco ball ornaments on curly bamboo sprigs

Snowflake ornament with white lights and curly silver sprigs on the tree

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