While I didn't realize it at the time, the inspiration for this entry really hit me a little over two months ago.  You see, I got married the first weekend of October and to celebrate the day before with my closest friends, I took my girls (love you Joe!) to get our nails done.  Of course my BFF had to come with, and while he didn't really want to have his nails painted he was all for getting a pedicure and even let me pick out his toe nail polish - did I mention he is a GOOD friend?!

Side note: Back in October I started noticing a lot of greens in this season's nail polish shades and oddly enough I was really drawn to it!  In fact, I'm currently wearing the shade you see above, Sephora by OPI Ocean Love Potion.  It is a very flattering shade and I feel very festive wearing it!

So, back to the story: when my BFF asked me to pick out his toe nail polish I picked a similar shade to the color you see above.The greatest part of this story, and the whole day, was that here I am with my girls and my BFF getting our toes and nails done and instead of the Bride (me) being doted on, I look over to see two little Asian women hanging all over Joe!  He has one buffing his finger nails and the other massaging his feet.  And the priceless moment came when the one working on his feet looks up and askes, "you want a flower?"  As in painted on his big toe!  I immediately chimed in, "YES!  Two!"

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