White Christmas

Earlier this month I shared my fascination and long time love of snow with you.  So, it should come as no surprise that I am an extremely happy girl right now as we, in the midwest, were fortunate enough to receive 8-10 inches of snow over Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  Receiving this much snow has left us virtually home-ridden for the last couple of days - which I have not minded at all.  The farthest we have been in the last 72 hours is to the in-law's house, 15 minutes away.  Gasp!  No Starbucks since Wednesday!  Even with the snow shoveling (my first time), lack of Starbucks, and wearing ski apparel everywhere, I will say that Christmas felt just a wee bit more magical with the snow all around.  

I hope everyone had a very happy holidays and spent it with the ones you love.  Here's some highlights from our first Christmas. 

We loaded up all of our gifts for the fam and headed over on Christmas Eve to open presents with Cory's family.  Opening presents on Christmas Eve has been a family tradition for them for a long time.

Look at that wrap job.  What talent! 

When we got home that night, everyone at our house got to open one present, too.  That has been a long standing family tradition for my family. 

Our first  gift exchange.  We set a $50 limit on gifts for each other this year since we have received so many wedding presents in the last 3 months.  For Cory: a card game, Battle of the Sexes.  For me:  nail polish remover (there is a funny story behind that but I just don't have the time)

We even gave the dogs a present.  But, they had to open it first.

One was a bit more persistent than the other. 

But, in the end... success for both!

So with the snow still gently falling and everyone satisfied with their one gift, we decided to hit the sack so that Santa could come and leave a few more.  On Christmas morning, however, instead of opening presents right away we decided to first prepare a feast of a breakfast for everyone in the house.  And, you're right if you guessed that the dogs didn't miss out on this either.  Even our cat decided to join in on the action. 

Gourmet pet feast a la Mitchell kitchen for the dogs & cat

And bacon, egg & cheese on a baguette for us! YUM!

So, with full bellies and gifts galore...

We left the dogs to nap while we journeyed back out into the snow to the 'rents house to spread some Christmas cheer!

All in all, I'd have to give this Christmas an A+.  The perfect combination of time spent with the ones that I love, good food, and of course, the snow! 

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