Domestic Goddess

I've never really been what you would consider saavy when it comes to anything dealing with a kitchen.  I mean, we are talking about a person who not once, not twice, but three (or more) times has left the cardboard on the bottom of a frozen pizza when placing it in the oven.  However, since my husband and I got married almost three months ago we have come to possess A LOT of cool gadgets for the kitchen.  As a result, I find myself wanting to bake, cook and entertain more now than I did previously.  Take for example this very cool Kitchen Aid stand mixer we received as a wedding gift that I LOVE. 

With a cool gismo like this, how could I not help but want to better refine my domestic skills?  So, with Christmas being right around the corner I decided that tonight I would break out my new gadget and try my hand at a little baking.  My first stop was Food Network.com where I found a biscotti recipe that looked too good to pass up.  With a few modifications I whipped up a pretty tasty little treat.  See for yourself!

While the recipe calls only for anise extract, I incorporated a few goodies of my own. In addition to almond slices and semi-sweet chocolate chips I also used a splash of vanilla extract.

And, for my own finishing touch I decided to melt some of the extra chocolate chips and dip the edges of the biscottis into the chocolate.  YUM!

This was so much fun that I'm thinking I could do this more often!  Within no time I will become a domestic goddess for sure ;)

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Joe Joe said...

It's official ... we have BOTH gone crazy. You're cooking and I'm well -- you know what I am!

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