A Little End of Year Self-Reflection

I was reading Joe's blog earlier this afternoon and it got me thinking a little bit about the year I have had and what I want going forward.  Every year about this time, I sit down and write out a list of goals and timelines for the upcoming year.  However, I honestly don't think I could ask anymore from 2009 which means 2010 has a lot of work to do to live up to the same standards.  In case you weren't around for the entire year, here's the run down in as few words as possible. 

January - entered 2nd semester of the Washburn MBA program
February - my BFF successfully got his lapband and changed his life completely (which I have been so blessed to be able to be a part of)
May - completed 2nd semester of MBA program, still with 4.0
July - made a career change, which I couldn't be more happy with
August - completed 1st upper level class in MBA program, still with 4.0
September - entered 4th semester in MBA; flew home to celebrate upcoming nuptials with friends and family
October - married the BEST man in the entire world!
November - went on the BEST honeymoon ever!
December - celebrated my husband's 31st birthday, celebrated my 26th birthday, finished my 4th semester in MBA program with an A and B and overall GPA 3.7 (not too bad for getting married during the same semester)

Like I said, 2009 has been about as good a year as I could have ever imagined, which means 2010 has high standards to meet.  So, I guess instead of looking back to set goals it is best to just look forward.  For the new year, I want only to continue learning about myself and striving to be the best I can be.  I am still learning how to be a good wife.  I am still learning in my new job.  I am still learning how to be a good daughter from 1000 miles away.  I am still learning how to be a faithful servant.  I am still learning how to be a good BFF.  In short, I am still learning how to do a lot of things, so I guess 2010 will be a good year to work on a little fine tuning. 

2010, look out... I am headed your way!

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Joe Joe said...

We're both learning so much about ourselves and the people we love. 2010 can only be better . . . which is kinda cool when you think about how awesome 2009 was . . .

LOVES YA!!! me:)

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