Gratitude: The Old School Way

This morning I decided that since my husband and I will have officially been married for 3 months tomorrow, it might be a good time to finish writing our thank you cards.  Being raised by a proper southern woman, I was taught the importance at an early age of showing gratitude when others do nice things for you.  I can remember as a child hand writing thank you cards after birthdays and Christmas, and then when I got older, after both graduations.  So, writing wedding thank you's (granted there are a lot more of these) doesn't particularly bother me.  However, it did get me thinking about how technology has changed the rules of etiquette.  Or, if it even has at all.  I can't tell you the last time I hand wrote anything.  Everything I do is saved on my computer and when I need to send anything out, it is sent through email.  We did manage to send out a few Christmas cards this year, but even still you can go to Walgreens where your pictures and your holiday cheer are printed out by a machine, then come home and print mailing labels on your computer.  No writing, no signing, no nothing.  Neither of us get paper bank statements anymore, it all goes straight to our email and we check it on our iPhones.  I get texts from my favorite department stores about upcoming sales.  This Christmas we even received some E-Christmas cards from friends.  In fact, I would be willing to bet that our snail mail to email ratio per day is 1:10, at least.  But, while I am definitely a Gen Y'er and love my technology (I would rather type in Word over handwrite anyday), for me it still hasn't changed Thank You cards.  Maybe that's the southern woman in me, but I think gratitude should be thoughtfully sent the old school way. 

Got to give credit where credit is due.  Cards designed by my BFF Joe Currin

Now, this chic is going back to writing.  Have a great Saturday afternoon and, if you're in the midwest try to keep warm!

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