Sick Days

I left work around 11 am feeling slightly under the weather.  While driving home, I started thinking about sick days as a kid.  As a grade-schooler, sick days were the greatest (you know, aside from the being sick part).  Sick days were one of the few times during the year when it was okay to miss school to hang out at home and watch cartoons.  Not to mention the fact that you didn't have to worry about homework for the next day.  For me though, the best part of sick days was that Mom would always make grilled cheese sandwhiches for lunch, served with some kind of soup. 

Hmmm... no matter how many times I try to duplicate them, it never works.

So, here's a couple of great recipes for grilled cheese sandwhiches.  They may not be Mom's but they still look pretty fantastic. 

- Who knew dijon mustard was the trick? I'm trying it next time I make one.

- This recipe uses ciabatta bread and a tomato - YUM!

- Tyler Florence includes slices of bacon and apples in his grilled cheese.

- And, the next time I make one I'm using this new gadget!  Got one of these as a wedding present!

Now, go enjoy yourself a grilled cheese.  And, try the dijon mustard trick, I'm dying to know how it tastes!


Joe Joe said...

I soooo want a grill cheese now! I'm sorry you're not feeling so hot.

And I totally love the song you are channeling right now!!!

Crack is whack!

Gracie said...

Haha! I know, Whitney is a little crazy, but gotta love her!

I am feeling better, thanks for checking in on my dear :)

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