My Uniform

I think we could all admit that we each have a uniform.  I don't mean uniform by the literal definition, I mean that outfit that brings us comfort.  The one that we know we look good in and therefore, seems to pop up everyday on our body regardless of which shirt, skirt, pants, shoe and bag combination we have on.  It's our uniform.  Mine lately has been dark skinny jeans or grayish hue leggings, a neutral long sleeve tee or sweater dress layered under a cardigan or blazer, with either my Uggs or a my fav pair of knee high boots.  Throw a ginormous camel bag over my shoulder and scarf around my neck and I'm set. 

Knowing all of this, I started analyzing my style earlier last week.  Other than the aforementioned uniform, what is it that I gravitate toward when I'm shopping or perusing fashion mags?  So, I took some time over the last few days and did some style-soul searching.  What I'm about to share with you are the articles of clothing this season that make my fashion-minded world go 'round.  If you stare at these picutres long enough you will start to see bits and pieces of my uniform re-emerge. But you know what, that's fine with me.

Side Note: I am in love with the polish pictured above. Sephora by OPI does the best nail polish in my opinion and this shade, Dark Room, is magnificent! My philosophy is that you should always be able to have fun with your nail polish - that's what it's for!

One more side note: I so badly want Tory Burch's breakfast nook pictured above. The wall paper is divine and the chairs are so retro-chic!

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Diane said...

I think you are fantastic!!!!!! and so smarrrrrt!!

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