Need to Know: Coach Sale!

Angelina Sunglasses, Coach $95 - Orginally $375

Happy Saturday, my lovelies! I hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful weather! I don't normally post on the weekends, but when I find something that you just have to know about it would be rude to keep it to myself! I came across this wonderful Coach sunglasses sale on Editor's Closet and when I say sale, I mean Coach sunglasses at 1/4 of the regular price.  That's worth posting about!

Side note: If you're not already a member of Editor's Closet, but would like to be simply email me - gleighb (at) gmail (dot) com - and I'll send you the link to join.  You won't be disappointed, even if you decide not to purchase any shades today.  Editor's Closet is an exclusive member's only site that offers tons of designer clothes at a fraction of the price each week. 

Now you know, so go enjoy the rest of your weekend in style!
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