stuck in neutral

cardigan, Kohl's; tee, TJ Maxx; pants, Old Navy; shoes, Payless sample; shades, Payless sample

I love neutrals.  If you've browsed my site for more than 5 seconds, you've already figured that out.  My BFF complains that I don't incorporate enough color into my wardrobe.  It's not that I hate color, in fact it's quite the opposite.  It's just that I gravitate toward articles of clothing that I can envision incorporating into multiple outfits.  I guess you'd call that sensibility? I don't know, but I do know that today I incorporated just about every neutral imaginable into my outfit. Gray, blue (the picture doesn't show it very well, but the stripes on my shirt are blue), black, tan... yep, that covered it all. What's your take on neutrals versus color? Is being stuck in neutral a bad thing?

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Emily said...

I know what you mean, neutrals seem easier to coordinate somehow.
I do gravitate towards unfeasibly bright colours however, so I guess I end up in whatever works with my mood that day...

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