Coach comes to The Flip Side! Play to win a Coach Bag!

I'm happy to announce that beginning today The Flip Side of Oz is a partnering blog in the Coach Poppy Project! If you notice along the left hand side of the blog, there are various hearts, stars and flowers growing. These are all interactive graphics, so please play around with them. Some of them tweet messages which makes more flowers grow. The more flowers that grow means The Flip Side gets closer to winning a Coach shopping spree*.  In addition, please check back frequently because a Coach bag will appear amidst these flowers.  If you find it, click on it because you've won a Coach bag or accessory! 

Happy Poppy Growing!

*PS - Should The Flip Side win, I am planning on giving away several Coach bags to a few lucky readers. Please check back frequently to make sure we get there! 

1 comment:

Emily said...

Hey Gracie, groovy graphics! I've blogged you an award for your general fabulousness, so go check it out http://pamjalibri.blogspot.com :)

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