What to Wear: Back to School

It's that wonderful time of year again! School buses are reappearing on the streets, dorm rooms are reopening their doors to co-eds, and pupils everywhere are agonizing over one question: what to wear on the first day of school. It's a question that undoubtedly never loses importance in the minds of students, but can sometimes cause even the sanest of Moms to lose their minds a little (or maybe that was just my mom during my Jr. High days!). Either way, to help relieve some tension for everyone involved, I have put together a little lookbook of some great outfit choices for going back to school. And, forgive me for putting a shameless plug in for my alma mater :)

  1. Long Sleeve Tri Marl Tee, Topshop, $32
  2. North Carolina Tarheels Womens NCAA Tee, Finishline, $25
  3. Miso Long Sleeve Draped T-Shirt, Republic, $14.70
  4. Once in a Blue Skirt, ModCloth, $57.99
  5. Button Mini Skirt, Topshop, $60
  6. Cricket Match Skirt, ModCloth, $41.99
  7. Annton by Steve Madden, Piperlime, $129
  8. New Barrett Sneaker, Coach, $88
  9. Restricted "Scrabble" Oxfords in tan, Ruche, $38.99
  10. Clear Lens Geeky Reading Glasses, ASOS, $16.85
  11. Flat Top Plastic Sunglasses, Topshop, $30
  12. Ray-Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses in Black, Blue and Cream, $140 
  13. Lupe by Pink Studio, Piperlime, $60.99
  14. Buckle Leather Strap Satchel, Topshop, $170
  15. 78178 by Street Level, Piperlime, $75


Miss ED said...

Another great set of choices, I am almost certain that pink studio bag is too much for me to resist!! I love it when you put these posts up, they're quite the inspiration.

Ripped Nylon

p.s. I'm hosting a giveaway if you're interested ;)

Gracie said...

Awww... thanks so much for your sweet comment! I also LOVE that bag and Annton wedge by Steve Madden - probably my two favs!

And, of course I'm interested in giveaways - who isn't?! I will be stopping by shortly ;)


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