influenced from afar

Despite the fact that we're just now coming up on 1 year of marriage (sigh), the hubby and I are already thinking about our 2nd anniversary... because to celebrate we're going backpacking through Europe for 3 weeks! We both love to travel (if you haven't noticed), and with a booked solid year ahead of us - final year of my Masters (holla!) - we've decided that next October will be the perfect time to run away together for a while :)  With that being said, this outfit kind of makes me think of our upcoming adventure. I believe lace has gone slightly unappreciated in the US up until recently, while the French and Spanish have always managed to incorporate it quite nicely into their cultures. So, I was quite pleased to find this lace top hanging from a sale rack at Kohl's about 6 months ago. At only $12 - magnifique

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Ashley J said...

Love your lacey look, be on the lookout for my approach to lace tomorrow (hint, hint)!


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