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image via The Sartorialist
I love this picture. Her skirt/slightly baggy shirt combo & wedge heels are amazing (as are her legs!). He is incredibly handsome, also. I love his oxfords without socks. The hint of ankle showing creates a crisp look. Together, their style makes for an incredible photo. However, the part I love the most is the way she is looking at him. For me, that's what life is all about. 

Fact: I am a hopeless romantic. 


Maria at Bachman's Sparrow said...

Gosh I love this picture too! So sweet, and love their style :)

xoxo Maria

Miss ED said...

I agree! When I saw that photo I immediately wanted to run to my bf and take pictures that show off our "couple style".

Ripped Nylon

Lady Peach said...

Great post! Love her outfit!
Lady Peach
P.s I'm a hopeless romantic too


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