Music Therapy

I have made no secret about the fact that I LOVE Lady Gaga (evidence here, here, here and here). While my love for Gaga isn't going anywhere anytime soon, there is a particular band with which I have a deep rooted emotional connection: Maroon 5

Besides the fact that I have a crazy, school girl crush on Adam Levine (insert blushing giggle here), I truly love this band's music.  I swear I could sing the entire Songs About Jane, Live Friday the 13th, and It Won't Be Soon Before Long albums in my sleep. It doesn't happen very often, but every once in a great while a band makes an album (or two or three) that isn't just music anymore, it becomes part of your life. The emotional connection to the lyrics conjure up feelings and memories you had forgotten you had or becomes your solace during rough times. So, imagine my happiness to see that my favorite band is back with a new album. I don't purchase many complete albums, but on September 21st I have a date with an old friend.  

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Emily said...

Ah, agreed. Loving both musical acts. You should do a hypothetical 'Meeting Adam Levine in a coffee shop right before he plays a secret gig' outfit...

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