DIY: Wing Chair

  1. Chelsea Wing Chair in Large Scale Ikat, Cobblestone, Williams Sonoma Home
  2. Hibiscus Wing Chair, Pier 1
  3. Emery Wingback Armchair in Gabrielle Jacquard, Clementine Orange, Pottery Barn
  4. Paisley Loveseat, Pier 1
  5. Chelsea Wing Chair in Zebra Herringbone, Graphite, Williams Sonoma Home
  6. Josef Wingback Chair in Pink Shell, Anthropologie 

Okay, so I'm going to switch gears into domestic mode for a second! You know every now and then I get on a decorating kick... this one resulted in a beautiful green side table! Well, now I'm looking to add some additional seating to our living room and I am in love with the look of a wing chair in funky prints and/or bright colors. Number 4 shown above is particularly great because it could seat 2. In fact, I would be very content with any of the above in my living room, but since I'm not looking to spend $500-$1000 on a chair right now this is going to become a DIY project. Yes, ladies and gents, I'm going to try tackling an upholstery project. My inspiration came this weekend while at my fav local thrift store. I found the perfect wing chair (well, perfect except for the fabric) for $25. Stay tuned to see how it turns out...


Maria at Bachman's Sparrow said...

I'm so excited for this, I've been wanting to upholster as well, so I can't wait for the tips!

xoxo Maria

queengilda said...

OMG i've wanted one of these since forever!! and you found one for $25?? wow. lucky you. i hope the re-upholstering turns out great!

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