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Our evening Saturday night in downtown Kansas City was quite wonderful. What the rain before dinner prevented (shopping), dinner definitely made up for (hmmm... lots of chocolate!). Three fondue pots, two and half hours, 2 salads and one happy couple later made for a great date night. As promised on Friday, I did wear my single shoulder sun dress and loved every minute of it - especially the part where I ate way too much. Let me tell you that the very forgiving waistband came in handy afterwards. 

Side note: I need to find a way to wear this dress more often. I mean let's face it, we're busy and the hubby and I don't get many date nights. The single shoulder element of the dress makes it slightly hard to wear it to the office, so it has me a little stumped. Thoughts on this dress outside of date night?  How would you wear it?


Melrose said...

love the dress... but the 1 shouldered-ness does pose a conundrum... hmmm maybe tuck the top inside and wear the skirt element to the office? I love the color of it.

Anonymous said...

i would maybe throw a blazer over it for work, or a nice beaded? cardi. if you have another date night and want to wear the dress but do something different, i like to layer skirts over my dresses, so you'll see the one shoulder but it'll feel like a different dress!

Gracie said...

Thank you for the great suggestions ladies!

I like where you're going with this Melrose - I have a cute cropped blazer that would pair nicely with it as a skirt. And, I have been loving layering dresses lately.... I feel a style challenge coming on :)

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