My Outfit (on left)       
1. Cardigan, Old Navy $15                  
2. Belted Floral Dress, Target $19
3. Wedge Peep-Toe Sandals, Piperlime $30
Total: $ 64

ShopBob.com (on right)
1. Belted Floral Dress, Shoshanna $395

I get a lot of questions regarding looking chic while shopping on a budget. There may be some out there who can spend as much as they want on the latest and greatest fashions, but that person is not me. While I do love buying shoes, I also understand the time value of money and know that saving and investing at my age will pay huge dividends when I get older. The concern I hear most women voice, however, is how to do both while still looking stylish and wearing clothes that fit. When I tell people how little I spend on most of my clothes, they are amazed. My tip: find a piece that you cannot live without and then buy it for less. I never buy the mannequin in a department store. Instead, I dissect the elements from the mannequin and then replicate the outfit for a fraction of the price.  Take for example, the above floral dress.  Earlier this spring I had to have one.  On the right you have a $400 Shoshanna Belted Strapless Dress. On the left, well... the dollars and cents speak for themselves ;) Are there some differences between the two dresses? Or course! But, I don't really care because I achieved the look I was going for and could still afford to stop by Starbucks a few times that week. I promise, it works every time!

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Maria at Bachman's Sparrow said...

Girl, I'm all about the budget! This is a great example of being able to be smart with your money and still look great :)

xoxo Maria

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