Organization & Beautification

Not so organized, clean, or pretty room
I think I will echo the sentiments of most women when I say that life is not always organized nor pretty. On my way to work this morning, I was thinking about how some weeks I am completely on my A-game. As a result my house, life, and career (and blog) stay 100% caught up and I still manage to both work out and watch TV with the hubbs while also going to bed early. Then there are the weeks when it feels like life is completely out of whack. The clothes that never seem to look right in the morning lay strung all over the house, dinner is never home cooked and never happens before 10 pm, and my husband and I neither watch TV nor go to bed early.  

Let me assure you that I'm by no means a Master at it, but I have learned that attaining some sort of balance in life is as much a mental game as it is anything else. As a result, part of my weekly ritual (usually Sunday nights) is aimed at organizing and beautifying some aspect of our life - laundry, email, finances, our house in general, etc. This week's focus: our bedroom. It's amazing how much a new lamp, a clear floor (sans shoes) and some clean sheets will do for your morale and mental ability to deal with the week ahead. 
*Side Note: the beautiful lamp you see on our bedside table cost me $50 at Tuesday Morning, originally $135! 

Chest & painting from my parents (sans laundry & shoes)
Clean bedding on a freshly made bed
Bedside table with newly purchased lamp
Lampshade beside bed


Grace, Money Smart Fashion said...

I totally feel you, Sunday's is always cleaning day for SSBF and I.

Dessinatrice said...

Whenever I feel like life is out of control, I definitely start at home, and clean up my immediate environment. Then, I can think clearly... love the lamp, good choice :D

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