Going Gaga: The Wardrobe

Christian Siriano heels from his Spring '10 Runway Show

As promised, I finally took some time last night to work on my wardrobe pictures from this weekend. I must admit that getting dressed for this concert was probably the most fun I've had in a while. My BFF and I took great care in preparing our ensembles for the occasion. We methodically shopped and searched and created mood boards until we knew exactly what our outfits would look like. After several trips to my fav thrift store, I am pleased to say that the entire outfit cost me under $30! However, the icing on my sartorial cake came the night of the concert when, on more than one occasion, I heard the whisper, "OMG! Look at her shoes! I LOVE those!" Yes, I did love wearing those shoes...

Snake Ring

The Ensemble

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